Support Issues

What is the practice for overcoming the 999 events limit of the CMX3600 format? Can we load several EDLs at the same time? How should I organize a VK project?

When using the CMX3600 format, the limit for an EDL is 999 changes per iteration. So if a project exceeds this limit you have to split it into multiple edls. You can load the multiple EDLs into VK and it will run it sequentially.

The organization of the project depends on your convenience (basically the number of iterations you want to work with). You can use 2, 3 or 4 edls in the project or divide it according to chapter/scenes. But the main thing is to organize the project around the limit of 999 events per edl.

VK5 keeps crashing whenever I attempt to import an edl. Why does this happen? What format must I use to generate the EDLs?

The EDLs need to be in the CMX3600 format.

If VK4/VK5 is crashing on import its probably an issue with the EDL format. Make sure the EDLs use CMX3600.

When I tried to run VK, a message was displayed, “You don’t have any licenses in your account, or none of the licenses there have activations available”. What does this mean?

This means that you do not have a valid license in your iLok account to run VK.

If you have purchased a VK license and you are getting this message, this means it has not been deposited in your iLok account. VK licenses are deposited manually. It takes around 24 hours for an order to be processed.

When using VK5 the output generated has missing regions? Why does this happen?

This problem mainly occurs when you use VK5.1 Premium. This can happen due to memory management. Running multiple active tracks in ProTools uses a lot of memory and this can result in errors in the output. We recommend users to hide them and only run the required track when using VirtualKaty with ProTools. The later version, VK5.5 Premium, resolved this issue.

I get an error message “”VK2 couldn’t select timecode on ProTools – is the DV Toolkit installed and active?””. How do I fix this?

This message usually means that the version of VirtualKaty you are currently running on your computer is not incompatible with your ProTools or Nuendo workstation. E.g. Using VK2 with ProTools 10.

IMPORTANT: For VK4 and VK5 users. This error message can show up if the language used in your operating system (OS) and PT system is not English. Since ProTools is now a multi-language application and it launches in the same language the OS is set to. For example if the language used in your OS is German, VK4 will not work properly and will throw the error message.

To solve this you need to change the language setting on your OS to English before launching VK.

I get a message that VK is “Unable to get the focus”. What do I do?

This message usually means that you are currently running a program on your computer that is incompatible with VK Premium Collection. Restart your computer and run only VK Premium Collection and ProTools or Nuendo, and the problem should be solved.

I try to launch VK but it immediately quits… ?

This result is often caused by having the wrong license for the application, e.g. Trying to run VK5 Premium Collection with a VK 3.0 license.

If you are unsure what license you have, you can check your iLok licenses at www.ilok.com or contact us.

Also, make sure that you are NOT running ProTools 8.0.1. There was a problem with this version of PTs that rendered all conforming products unusable. Avid addressed this problem in the cs1 patch (available free on their website) and all subsequent versions of PTs through 9.0 are also fine.