General Information (5)

What versions of ProTools will VK5 work with?

VK5 is available for both Mac OSX and Windows.

VK5 for Mac works with PT12, PT12 HD, PT11, PT11 HD, PT10 and PT10 HD. VK5 for MAC runs on OSX 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11. VK5 for Windows works with PT12, PT12HD, PT11, PT11 HD and runs on Windows 7.

What files can VK Premium Collection read?

VK5 Premium, VK4 Premium and VK Premium Collection 3.0 can read edls and Avid Change Notes. Cinema Tools xmls files are notcompatible with VK5, VK4 and VK 3.0.

When using VK4 or VK5, what format must I use to generate edls?

The EDLs need to be in the CMX3600 format. If VK4/VK5 is crashing on import its probably an issue with the EDL format. Make sure the EDLs use CMX3600.

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Purchasing/Trialing VirtualKaty (5)

What happens when I purchase VirtualKaty or register for a trial?

Purchasing or requesting a trial for VirtualKaty Premium Collection requires an iLok.com account (Go to http://www.ilok.com/).

After purchasing VK Premium Collection, a license will be deposited into your nominated iLok account.
For the 48-hour trial, a temporary license will be deposited in your iLok account shortly after you register.

Once deposited, synchronize the license to your iLok Key to start using VirtualKaty.

How can I upgrade from VK4, VK 3.0 or VK Conformer to the latest VK version?

A VirtualKaty license can be upgraded by purchasing an upgrade license. See our product page to learn more about VirtualKaty license upgrades.

What is upgrade insurance?

Upgrade insurance guarantees you with VK upgrades for 1 year for a license you purchase. The upgrade insurance is available for both upgrade and full license purchases. Upgrade insurances can be purchased from our shop when ordering a license.

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Support Issues (7)

What is the practice for overcoming the 999 events limit of the CMX3600 format? Can we load several EDLs at the same time? How should I organize a VK project?

When using the CMX3600 format, the limit for an EDL is 999 changes per iteration. So if a project exceeds this limit you have to split it into multiple edls. You can load the multiple EDLs into VK and it will run it sequentially.

The organization of the project depends on your convenience (basically the number of iterations you want to work with). You can use 2, 3 or 4 edls in the project or divide it according to chapter/scenes. But the main thing is to organize the project around the limit of 999 events per edl.

VK5 keeps crashing whenever I attempt to import an edl. Why does this happen? What format must I use to generate the EDLs?

The EDLs need to be in the CMX3600 format.

If VK4/VK5 is crashing on import its probably an issue with the EDL format. Make sure the EDLs use CMX3600.

When I tried to run VK, a message was displayed, “You don’t have any licenses in your account, or none of the licenses there have activations available”. What does this mean?

This means that you do not have a valid license in your iLok account to run VK.

If you have purchased a VK license and you are getting this message, this means it has not been deposited in your iLok account. VK licenses are deposited manually. It takes around 24 hours for an order to be processed.

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